Just my opinions of the girls as of now:

Shannon - Okay, I’ve liked Shannon since the beginning, she’s really cunning and mischievous and knows how to play the game. Yeah, now that she has Rocky on her side, they’re the two outcasts, but being sober while you’re out and trying to “play it cool” is only going to work for so long..

Raquel “Rocky” - Like I said, she only has Shannon. I don’t really have anything to say about her except for she’ll probably turn her back on anyone as soon as she gets the chance. She’s basically a follower as of now.

Jenn - So sick of Jenn, I heard she’s leaving next episode, I’m kind of glad, she was so annoying.. Getting in a fight over a hot pocket, really?

Paula - Always loved Paula, she’s one of the realest, since the beginning, but she overdramatizes way too quickly, and it gets old..

Stephanie - Pretty bored with her now. She keeps it real and doesn’t mess around, so that’s good.

Alicia - I hate how Shannon made her look bad after apologizing. She seems pretty sincere for the most part, but I’m just waiting for the moment she flips on someone.

Valentina - She’s getting on my nerves. All she does is want to get into people’s shit and start fights, I can’t take it.

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